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Agility: Now Rule #1 for Remunerative Remote Hiring

Half the job applicants in the world will now and forever be asking for a remote option. That demand will bottleneck traditional hiring funnels – already burdened with recruitment plans and budgets, and laborious recruiter-to-candidate and recruiter-to-management orchestration – and require all but c-suite-level management to practice agile, hands-on source and hire. Procedural change is

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Altruism is In – This is How the Remote Workforce Will Fix the World

Sixty percent of companies worldwide avoided layoffs and increased profits by going remote early in 2020. Overnight, the remote workforce employment model changed how we will work forever. Now, remote will save your organization’s economy, and the world’s. For two years, my self-funded vision was to help the “remote disenfranchised” find virtual and mobile jobs

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