Gig It! Why you should start now!

No matter your age and income requirements, you no longer need to be tethered to a cubicle desk, attend regular meetings, keep to exacting schedules, and climb the job-ego ladder. The Gig economy[1] is here. It’s irreversible. It allows you to travel full-time (or a lot) attain that dream and fund your adventure.

Here’s a snapshot of the Gig economy types:

  • Of the 55 million employed people in the US, over 19 million are Gig-ists[2],
  • Globally, 167 million of the 3 billion people employed Gig it[3],
  • Between 2016 and 2021, Gig working will increase 135.9% worldwide[4],
  • 40% (at least) of the global workforce will be Gig-ed by 2020[5].

What this means to you is that the vast majority of employers are now very comfortable with, even prefer to hire any and all skills and skill levels to fill out their on-line or on-site workforce with freelancers, remote workers, work-from-homers, contractors, temporary and seasonal employees. So hit the road and say “I Work Here!” from anywhere you want to be.

Generation Z! Check out these work travel opportunities!

If you’re 19-29ish, you probably want to have a lot of diverse experiences before, maybe, settling into a career. You have loads of energy and this is your time! Embrace possibilities like these:

  • Spend up to a year with a host family in another country and do odd jobs, gig jobs like
  • teaching a language,
  • working on a farm or vineyard,
  • being an au pair or barista,
  • providing seasonal help at a resort,
  • teaching sports as a camp counselor,
  • promote parties and brands (i.e. Corona girls),
  • even becoming a model at an international fashion house.

Are you civic minded? Do you have big career ambitions? You can:

  • intern with a business or government entity and get paid to learn;
  • become a sustainable action activist and build green homes, dig wells for communities, or teach social, economic and environmental practices;
  • join a scientific research team aboard a research vessel or in a national park;
  • even go to school on a scholarship or corporate sponsorship.

Of course these positions and possibilities aren’t available exclusively to people your age, nor are any that follow age- or experience-dependent. They are, however, ideal for people starting out their life of adventure, cultural emersion and experience building.

Millenials! Take your experience to the world!

In the 25 to 39ish bracket with a lot of work experience? You have so much to offer. What’s your favorite skill and greatest interest? Match them up. See a country or the world, and

  • Become a researcher for a corporate or private client — interview people, poke through historical places and documents, perform an art survey, or be an adjunct professor.
  • Be a travel buddy for a teen adventure program or sign on as a tour guide.
  • Embrace your inner digital nomad by building a retail site of your favorite travel finds, blog, sell, write off your travel expenses.
  • You can even keep your current gig job while working remotely around the world with companies that create your itinerary, manage travel and accommodations and provide remote workspace around the clock.
  • Be an instructor — everything from scuba diving to yoga, orienteering to surfing, fashion to firefighting are in demand somewhere, all the time.

In the Xennial or Gen X group? User your assets to fund your adventures!

If you’re in the 35 to 54-is range and you’ve been living the house, job, car payment, having a family life, you may want to focus your travel funding on using your big-money assets. For example:

  • Into the stock market? Be a day trader.
  • Rent your home while you’re away and write a vacation rental blog with an unusual slant, i.e. theme your home rental based on your travel interests (art, wine, literature, etc.).
  • Take your family along and work organic farms around the world.
  • House, ranch, penthouse sit.
  • Manage a hostel, resort, beach bar… for a season.
  • Become a freelance writer, photographer, cartographer.
  • Deliver peoples new cars, boats and RVs.

All these travel and work adventures can be very kid-friendly if the family is joining you. If you’re a solo traveler, you can elect to pursue any of the “I Work Here!” jobs in this article. Limitless adventure and limitless jobs await you.

Boomers! It’s time to take your BOOM around the world or into the next state!

For the 55-73 and beyond set, all the possibilities abound. That said, you need to take a good, long look at where your hard skills and mad passions meet, and take on the jobs that really delight and fulfill you. You’ve earned the right to indulge yourself, so:

  • Try your hand as a seasonal chef or sommelier at a swanky resorts.
  • Relax your mind and get dirty as a campground, park, RV resort maintenance crew member (and live in your own RV or park housing for free!).
  • Be an artist or jeweler with an online shop.
  • Travel with a musical group, even become a street performer.
  • Sell timeshares and vacation rentals (and stay in them free of charge)..
  • Be an extra on movie-shoot sites.
  • Join an online-expert site and help site users remotely.
  • Be a consultant and take your expertise to up-and-coming companies the world over.
  • Teach online.

Whatever you choose to do, remember to live the adventure and love the work. You have nothing to prove. You’ve done all that.

Gig it and GO!







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