Customer Give Back: How Your Business Benefits from Hiring Remote

All of them.

Obviously, as a provider of the contract staffing tool we’d say that. It’s true. Full-timers’ professional capabilities are as diverse as their hobbies and interests, and their mobility and motivation are high-value traits only they can offer.

Yep, that will take some explaining, so away we go. Spoiler alert. Your customer is your best hire. Give back. Get more.

Why people travel is what they offer

Let us explain. If I travel for art, culture or architecture, there is likely either an accomplished or a frustrated artist within me. If I travel to immerse myself in a society and become one with it, chances are I learn (and can teach) languages with ease. If I travel for food and wine, I can probably speak of and share everything culinary with gusto. If I travel to hike, bike, boat… I’m a savvy communicator of all things outdoor recreation. If I travel to the world’s jungles, I should do your landscaping.

There is a dichotomy at the core of each of us: what we do/did for work at home and why we travel full-time are very probably not the same. So many of us gave up something that lights us up for something that we’re good at but not necessarily enthralled by. One of the underlying missions of is to build dichotomy bridges so you can hire people who have both a passion for what you do and both the hard skills and lifestyle skills to give you vibrant results.

For example — match-up magic

I’ve had a very successful and ongoing career in business development, marketing, advertising, event management and networking. Two of my personal passions are putting people to work that delivers brilliance, and being in far-from-civilization nature. is my dichotomy bridge. To hire me as an employee, you’d have to start the bidding at $225,000 a year. My dichotomy bridge, the blending of my skills and passions, gives you every hard skill I have, over 30 years of experience and the passion of my life as a full-time traveler for $12 per job post.

Here’s how you need to think. Describe your company the way I describe the following, and then imagine the full-timer(s) that fit your needs. Create your own match-up matrix:

You are an accountant and it’s tax season. There are hundreds of retired and freelance CPAs and accountants from every state travelling full-time. Whether they move temporarily to a campground, marina or rental near you, or work virtually from wherever they are, you can staff up seasonally with top quality professionals who only want to work seasonally and are subsidizing their lifestyle at below-market rates.

You own a winery. Harvest time? Have an event venue? Need summer tasting room help? Add a couple RV pads with full hook-ups and wine connoisseur full-timers will line up to fill your seasonal needs, probably for the site and free utilities alone.

You have an online retail start-up. Business is taking off and you need a call center to handle customer service chat, calls and email. There’s no reason to kill your profit margin by creating an in-house call center or outsourcing to a customer care company, just assign one person to manage and a train a network of full-time travelers to manage your customer service. Set up a cloud-based virtual call routing system, and start giving your customers service joy! Hint: create an online scheduling board and allow your virtual team members to schedule themselves into available time-slots; make them responsible for covering their own shift changes.

Need to analyze your business data? Choose a few highly qualified full-time travelers, have them sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and receive analysis and recommendation on an as-needed basis.

Run a resort, summer camp, RV park, ski area? Full-timers will do anything from managing your front office or teaching swimming or skiing, to cleaning and maintaining your facilities. Seasonal gigs are a strong preference for most permanent travelers who work on-site, and if you have an accommodation for them they’ll cost you less as they deliver what you need with the enthusiasm of people doing what they love.

If you’re in the outdoor recreation or travel industry, hiring itravelft-ers is really a no-brainer! They are your best customers, love what your industry provides for their lifestyle and they are already your brand ambassadors! Give back to these loyal customers while augmenting your work force with people who really get what you do because they live the life your products or services make possible!

Whatever your industry — technology, information, education, legal or financial, health, hospitality, real estate, security, etc. — there are highly skilled people to serve it while living their lifestyle as full-time travelers. From recent high school graduates to PhDs, itravelft-ers can get any job you need done, done exactly the way it needs to be for less than an in-house hire. They are working when you need them and on standby when you don’t.

Above all, itravelft-ers are more motivated to deliver because their see-the-world lifestyle must be funded, and they simply can’t afford not to be in demand for remote, virtual, contract, interim, seasonal and volunteer jobs that need their skills and passion. So, keep your overhead and compensation low and your productivity high with

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