Undiscovered Workforce: Why You Want to Hire People Who Remote Full-time

There’s a broadly and extremely skilled talent pool available to you that you probably don’t know exists (the good news for you is your competition probably doesn’t know either): people who travel full-time and still work. They are yours for the asking.

These full-time travelers make up a large and aggressively growing part of the Gig Economy, and that’s good for you. No group of Gig-employees has a broader base of skills, experience and history of success in business than people who travel full-time and still work. Here’s a US-only snapshot of your new virtual, remote, contract and/or seasonal workforce:

  • Baby Boomers[1] (55-73) — Of the 77 million boomers, about 25% are between the ages of 55 and 64 and already retired. That’s 19 million people with a work history of at least 30 years who are likely to continue working as Gig-ers.
  • Generation X-ers[2] (40-54) — Numbering 88.5 million, about one quarter of Gen X-ers no longer work traditionally, preferring flexible family-oriented work schedules while providing highly skilled services. Highly tech-savvy, potentially, 22 million Gen X-ers will choose to work while travelling full-time.
  • Xennials[3] (34-44) — 25 million strong, are spearheading homeschooling-their-kids-while-working-on-the-road. Well educated, high tech and ambitious, probably as many as 2 million families and 3 million couples in this group are choosing to work-travel.
  • Millennials[4] (Generation Y, Gen Next 25-39) — Numbering 80 million plus, will make up the largest workforce in the country, ever, and are synchronistic with technology, networking, social media and unafraid to try new job opportunities. It’s too soon to predict all the ways this group will impact the travel-full-time workforce, but “latest and greatest” is their muse and the world is their oyster. They are bound to lead the remote/virtual/temporary work-to-travel model of the future.

We’re anticipating a 2020 full-time work-travel talent pool of at least 30 million in the US alone based on very conservative extrapolation of these statistics. That’s why we started itravelft.com, to put their talent to work for you quickly and inexpensively. Read on.

Hiring itravelft-ers is Really Good for Your Bottom Line

Beyond the skills, mobility, flexibility and unbeatable self-motivation, itravelft-ers cost you less. Much less.

The only downside to hiring temporary/contract/seasonal employees has traditionally been that it takes a bit more work to find them. We eliminate that negative with itravelft.com. So, let’s look at the fiscally compelling reasons to hire itravelft-ers:

  1. Single job post cost: itravelft.com $12, Monster $375
  2. Real cost per hour: itravelft.com $10/hr equals $12/hr real cost, payroll employee $10/hr equals $20/hr real cost, why? Indirect costs such as:
    • Place to work and necessary equipment/supplies,
    • utilities and communications services,
    • Taxes,
    • Insurance, and
    • Other benefits (i.e. retirement plan).

Let’s face it, the argument about employee vs. contractor has been done to death. Contractors, consultants, temps — whatever the role — are always less expensive than employees. Period.

The real issue is making it easy to access the exactly right person and onboard them quickly every time. That’s what itravelft.com does. Period.

Skills Full-time Travelers Have in Abundance

In a couple words? Absolutely everything!

Full-time travelers are doctors, lawyers, industry executives, landscapers, pet groomers, tour guides… Every day people say to us: “we want to do what you’re doing when we retire.”

There are very few careers or jobs that can’t be done by a full-time traveler. Granted, the work may be a modified version — i.e. a scientist may have to concentrate on working in the field rather than in a lab. There are over 900 job titles in our https://iremoteft.com/keywords-directory/, and every single one of them can be filled by a full-time traveler with suitable skills. So, to those people who think full-time travelling is for post-retirees, we say “why wait — work-travel-full-time!”

As an employer, you should fold full-time travelers into your workforce because you’ll never find anyone more dedicated to innovation and achievement than those who want to fund their dream. Those who say “I WORK HERE!” as they commute from their RV to the picnic table to coach your teams to peak performance on line or put a new roof on your park visitor center. As an employer, whatever you need done can be done by the best of the best, either on-site/in-house or remotely/virtually depending upon your needs.

The Big and Evolving Picture of Travel and Travel-related Work

While there are no tried and true statistics about full-time travelers who also work, we know that technology and mobility–both in transportation and communications tech–make it possible for us to go anywhere to work, or stay anywhere to work. Here are just a few examples of traveler circumstances and potential for work while travelling:

  • The Gig Economy has 57 million US workers employed already. That’s over one-third of the roughly 130 million people employed in the country. If that doesn’t indicate a mega-shift in the workforce nothing can.
  • 1 in 10 people globally are employed by the travel and tourism industry, yet 1 million additional employees are needed to support traveler demand[5] because the Gig Economy hasn’t yet been fully integrated to the industry employment model. Those jobs could readily be filled by itravelft-ers.
  • One million Americans live in their RVs[6] and most of them work at least seasonally.
  • Over 4 million US citizens telecommute[7] and are poised to do their job from anywhere.
  • There are about 250,000 people in the US who live aboard[8] their boats making them mobile for Gigs.
  • 5% of airbnb.com guests book stays of 12 days or longer[9] which means that of the 250,000[10] bookings made each day 12,500 people a day are booking extended stays and may also be wanting to work.

At the end of the day, the new and better thing here is that itravelft.com connects deeply motivated workers with innovative companies quickly and painlessly. Please help us build your favorite staffing tool: itravelft.com


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