The Future of Work: Any Work that Can Be Remote Will Be Remote Forever Because of COVID-19

Forget everything you thought you knew about where to go to get the best job. You’re not going anywhere.

Mid-coronavirus 2020 worldwide:

COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon. Even with the development of a successful vaccine, it took 16 years to eradicate smallpox — which had been around for 16 centuries — in 1980 with a vaccine in the works since 1796. The first diagnosed case of HIV-AIDS was in 1959 (the same year the world committed to eradicating smallpox). Sixty-one years later, there is still no vaccine or cure for HIV-AIDS.

As the world population grows – we’re adding 80-plus million people to the globe annually – so will the numbers of novel viruses. Self-isolating when a pandemic rages will be essential, and limiting exposure across the board will be critical to preventing pandemics. We can readily prevent half of our virus and bacteria spreading by working from home – which is why these giant icons of business success are allowing their employees to continue to work from home post coronavirus: Google, Twitter, Square, Facebook, Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, Hitachi, Mastercard, Zillow and Nielsen.

What they do is always a bellwether – where they lead, we follow.

Here’s our predictions and recommendations for all of the travelers and relocators who thought or think going remote is hard:

  1. Job hunt with the companies that already know how to do remote first – they are hiring because a pandemic was just a little hiccup in the way they do business.
  2. Apply now with the giants who are planning to keep their teams dispersed or distributed because they learned how to hard and fast in COVID 2020.
  3. Learn that new skill you’ve always wanted – online learning is what we’ll be doing to bolster the new mostly-remote workforce.
  4. Get savvy about artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, online industry… Your table-waiting job will probably morph into an online cuisine concierge job where you help online diners create their robot-prepared and delivered five-star meals – or just a great $20 burger.
  5. Learn to manipulate machines online remotely – Coca-Cola already hires techs to keep the soda machines at McDonald’s up and running from their home offices.
  6. Be aggressively progressive in imagineering how you can make your abilities a remote asset to companies you love and sell them your value proposition.
  7. Join the talent communities of companies you want to work for remotely even if they aren’t hiring right now – they will be, and you’ll be high on the candidate list.
  8. Change the way you think about getting a job – stop browsing the giant aggregates (i.e. Indeed) by keyword, and start finding industries and companies that inspire you – sell them your inspiration on a low-risk trial basis, and then blow them away with your delivery.
  9. Sell low but contract high. Post pandemic, companies are going to need a lot of butts in in-home office chairs – get your chair and build in your future worth and benefits when you take it.
  10. Get tech smart! Wherever you are, you must have reliable connectivity and equipment that’s up to the demand you put on it. Build that into your ask and you’ll likely receive it from your new remote employer.

COVED-19 is not a happy-making thing. But it is a world-changing one. It has already accelerated beyond our expectations how we’ll do the future of work. Be on the front edge of the new normal of remote and take a lead in evolving it from wherever you are in the world and wherever you’re going. You’re part of the design of remote work now – let that inspire you and help us recover our health and economy.

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