Agility: Now Rule #1 for Remunerative Remote Hiring

Half the job applicants in the world will now and forever be asking for a remote option.

That demand will bottleneck traditional hiring funnels – already burdened with recruitment plans and budgets, and laborious recruiter-to-candidate and recruiter-to-management orchestration – and require all but c-suite-level management to practice agile, hands-on source and hire.

Procedural change is unnerving, but the 2020 global pandemic work-from-home requisite instant-schooled employers and employees in making remote work work to save lives and enterprises. There has never been a more profound and precedent-setting example of agility than successfully changing how the world works virtually overnight.

The 1-Point Imperative

That was a make-ready for this: the 1-point imperative for achieving agile remote hiring through process pare-down and refinement: use an application solicitation/job board service that is inexpensive so anyone in your organization that needs to virtual staff-up can just place the ad(s) without recruitment plan and accounting department acts of congress.

There are approximately 400 million mobile people with remote-friendly skills in the world. Sixty million of them are on the executive level. Traditional commute-to-work employment models and weighty hiring procedures leave them an untapped resource and prevent companies from accessing them expeditiously.

The world is in recovery mode. Agile remote talent onboarding is a critical restoration and advancement pivot.

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