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Before you start searching for or posting jobs, choose keywords from this resource to improve you search and your job ad.


How to Use

1. Enter your keyword and location (if any)

Use our awesome Keywords Directory to help you create and improve your searches!

Use the search fields at the top of the Home Page or Job Search page. Use as many keywords as you need to to narrow your search, however note that fewer well-chosen keywords return “cleaner” results.  For example entering “remote and copywriter” (don’t use quotes in search fields) will return a lot of jobs for writers that can be done remotely (and maybe a staff writer about remote-controlled vehicles). No keyword searches deliver perfectly clean results.

Use Boolean terms (here’s a short tutorial on Boolean logic) to refine your search. Note that the search engine does not accept the Boolean term OR at this time, but AND and NOT work very well (they do not need to be capitalized). Here’s and example continued from above:

You entered “remote and copywriter” and you like most of the initial results, but a number of the results are for Senior Media Buyer (because they supervise remote copywriters). Eliminate those positions by adding “NOT buyer” to your search string. You do not need to include “senior” and “media” (and probably don’t want to) because you might be a senior copywriter specializing in new media.

Don’t be discouraged if the results seem a bit sloppy when you first start your searching. Remember that less is more when working with keywords and knowing the vernacular employers use and using it in your keyword strings will ultimately deliver great results.

Currently, location searches are formatted as “City, State (two-letter abbreviation), Country (some abbreviated i.e. USA). If you want to work remotely/virtually/work from home, don’t put anything in the location filter as it will seldom matter where your dream job is located or where you are. Soon we’ll add global regions to the location search.


2. Click the green search button

If you search from the Home Page doing so will take you to the Find A Job page where you can continue to search by editing your search strings. You can also start unlimited entirely new search strings by changing the contents of the keyword field.


3. Browse the ads shown and see more ads by clicking load more listings button at bottom of list

Click anywhere inside the frame of the job to which you want to review details and/or apply . When you click on an ad, it will open in a new tab.

Note that the jobs list by relevance to your search string and show how long ago they posted in the right column. The older the ad the more likely it has been filled or is no longer a priority for the company, but if it’s your dream job, apply anyway!


4. Refine your search for results better tailored to your interests

See section 2 above for tips on improving and refining your keyword search. In the near future we’ll be adding job categories, regions and types (i.e. seasonal, work from home, etc.) to drop-down menus to further improve our search engine.


5. Get help whenever you need it

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Enjoy your remote job where you want to be!